What’s the best air conditioner brand in Australia? While an objective answer is difficult to provide, any meta-analysis of Hitachi air conditioner reviews will show you that for innovation, quality, reliability, price and customer service, this Japanese electronics multinational definitely knows what it’s doing.

And here at Your Electrical Expert, we have no dog in the fight – because we can supply and install air conditioners from any good brand in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding locations. And we’d never recommend a Hitachi air conditioner if customer complaints about performance and dealing with warranty situations were through the roof, or if manufacturer prices were unreasonable. In fact, our experience with Hitachi air conditioning is that our clients love them – and we’re about to tell you why.

At a glance, a modern Hitachi split system, fully ducted solution or another aircon technology type supplied by this 112-year-old company looks much the same as the competition. So what makes a Hitachi aircon worth buying?:

1. Healthier

We could write an entirely separate Hitachi split system review, because of the innovation and thought that goes into these market-leading products.

But worth mentioning up-front is that we think Hitachi could be the best air conditioner brand for air quality – if you buy the latest advanced split systems. As well as cleverly filtering the air you breathe, your new Hitachi can also dehumidify the room – while the FrostWash setting rids up to 91% of the air you breathe of AC bacteria and mould.

2. Cooling only

Obviously, your new Hitachi aircon can be a reverse cycle – meaning it both cools and heats.

But here in Australia, it’s quite likely that you’ve got your heating already sorted for our chilly winters – so a cooling-only E-series Hitachi could be the perfect way to save a few dollars and still get a superb product. Better still, it’s specially designed to operate when it’s up to 46°C outside – and that’s darn hot, even for Queensland!

It features mould-prevention tech, the aforementioned FrostWash, and you can even control your Hitachi AC with a wifi controller via your smartphone.

3. Beyond ducted

If you want something better than a split system, here’s something Hitachi offers – ducted split and multi-split system solutions! With offerings from 5kW up to a hefty 16kW, it’s a great way to explore a different way to heat and cool your home.

But of course, you can also get a traditional fully-ducted Hitachi air conditioner solution that will be specifically suitable for your home – no matter what it looks like. So three-storey, semi-detached, an apartment or unit – even a loft, attic or garage. No matter where you live or work, a Hitachi aircon will work for you.

Plenty of Hitachi air conditioners to choose from

If Japanese engineering is known for something, it’s that famous minimalist styling that melts into the environment and simply works – with designers focusing not just on performance and quality but also the external aesthetics with exactly the same intensity. Hitachi captures that perfectly with its huge range of air conditioning products that the friendly air conditioning specialists at Your Electrical Expert would be delighted to supply and install for you this week.

Got your eye on a Hitachi air conditioner? Give Your Electrical Expert a call today and we’ll take care of the rest.

Image Source: https://www.hitachiaircon.com/au/news/introducing-the-p-series-smart-wall-mounted-air-conditioner