Chances are, you have one, two or even more electrical products and appliances at your place featuring the logo of the South Korean multinational giant Samsung. And the great news is that Global Brands Magazine, one of the leading luxury consumer brands publications on earth, lists Samsung as the number 1 air conditioning brand in the world today. Have you thought about getting your hands on a Samsung air conditioner?

Samsung air conditioning reviews routinely praise the 84-year-old company for quality, variety, price and innovation. Like what, you may be wondering?:

1. World firsts

Plenty of brands followed suit, but Samsung split system units were the first to introduce a so-called ‘wind-free’ triangular design that cools a room almost 50% faster than with predecessor technology.

But that’s not all! Many a Samsung air conditioner review has noticed that the brand was also the first to innovate:

  • HD filters
  • ‘Bio-sleep’ mode to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up fresh
  • Dehumidification mode
  • Multi-jet technology
  • Stabiliser-free operation
  • Power boost technology
  • Multiple ‘smart’ innovative controls.

2. Tri-care filters

You might not give it much thought, but your Samsung aircon doesn’t just work hard to cool you down or warm you up – it also makes the air you breathe more hygienic! It’s achieved with the innovative tri-care filter, with no less than three layers to progressively filter out:

  • Large particles
  • Fibres/animal hairs
  • Fine dust, viruses, bacteria & allergens.

3. Huge Samsung ducted air conditioner range

Samsung split systems may be the biggest current seller, but the brand’s fully-ducted range is actually rather enormous. A reverse cycle Samsung ducted air conditioner can be installed at your place in the configuration and power capacity of your choosing for whole-house comfort, including:

  • Split indoor: To be paired with an outdoor unit and available in 8kW, 10kW, 12kW, 14kW and 16kW versions
  • Ducted outdoor: Made specifically for Australia with low environmental impact refrigerant and quiet performance, available in several kW configurations from 5.8-16kW.
  • Powerful 3-phase ducted: For bigger homes, dodge the temperature fluctuations that can be common with less powerful units by choosing the 20kW Samsung ducted air conditioner with huge power but surprisingly compact size.

4. So many more options!

Did you know a Samsung free joint multi-air conditioner means you can network up to 5 indoor units with a single outdoor unit? Also available are cassette options, variable refrigerant flow systems featuring piping to deliver refrigerant to various zones, and many other systems that are all designed to be seamlessly installed with industry-leading warranties.

Get a new Samsung aircon installed this week

As record-setting hot summers become more and more common, and everyday living becomes more and more expensive, choosing the perfect air conditioner brand that will both perform and last is more important than ever. Hopefully, our Samsung air conditioner review has made your choice of brand a little easier – but here at Your Electrical Expert, we can match your home and budget to a massive range of air conditioner brands, technology types and system models.

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