When you live in Queensland, where the summers are sunny and sticky and the winter nights are particularly chilly, a fully-functioning air conditioner is a must. But you don’t just want to stay warm or keep cool, because there are plenty of other reasons to update your home or commercial space’s air conditioning solutions. These include improving air quality, sleeping better, protecting your expensive appliances from overheating and boosting your place’s value and appeal. Convinced that better air conditioning is for you? The next step is navigating all of those various types of air conditioners that now fill a highly competitive market.

Sure, there might be more than just 4 different types of air conditioning technologies and varieties out there, but our local electricians think our run-down will leave you fully empowered to make the best choice for your home, space, lifestyle, preferences & budget.

Types of air conditioners you should know about

Remember, the right air conditioner type can be critical for keeping your home comfortable, your family protected, and your energy consumption and expenditure under control.

Which air conditioner types will be on your short-list after reading our Top 4?:

1. Split system

We’ve put the sleek, stylish, uber-popular split system types of air conditioning system at #1 – simply because we install so many of them! Increasingly the right choice to heat or cool a limited space, but also able to be fully integrated for a whole-home solution thanks to multi-head technology, the simple press of a button on a stylish remote unlocks a world of modern, ‘smart’ features that really do work.

2. Ducted types of air con

Just about as widespread and popular across Queensland, however, are the fully ducted types of air conditioning – especially if you have a decent-sized home. With a central, permanently-located unit delivering a large air volume across your home or space’s rooms via supply ‘ducts’ and vents, ducted types of air conditioner system may cost more but that money is well spent.

3. Reverse cycle or evaporated?

If you’re going for the ducted types of air conditioner system, the next question to ask yourself is: Reverse cycle or evaporative? While evaporative systems are notoriously cheap to run because they rely on water soaking the ‘pads’ to cool the air that is then blown by a fan, they’re less popular in Queensland because of our famous humidity. The beauty of the different types of air conditioners that fall in the reverse cycle category is that they’ll cool & condition even very hot and humid air – and then you can ‘reverse’ the functionality for a toasty home in winter.

4. Window/Floor-mounted

For a smaller apartment or unit space, a window-mounted air conditioner – sitting snugly in a window frame – can be enough to take the edge off the summer. Similarly, floor-mounted types of air conditioners are perfect if space is at a premium, running on technology similar to a split system with fairly easy installation and very easy to access for maintenance like filter cleaning.

Need to know more about those air conditioner types?

Have you narrowed down the basic types of air conditioner that might work best for your circumstances? There’s actually a lot more to consider, including:

  • The local climate
  • The size of the air conditioner
  • The number of different rooms
  • Energy efficiency
  • Running noise
  • Installation complexity
  • Quality, reliability & aesthetic style.

Did you know Your Electrical Expert can send a friendly, fully-licensed and highly-trained electrician to your location in Brisbane, Gold Coast & beyond to handle all of your air conditioning needs? From servicing and maintenance to repairs, installations, replacements and tailored advice, our air conditioning services cover every aspect you could ever need and more – so why not give Your Electrical Expert a call today?