Inflation: we’re all living through it at the moment, and it’s expected to get worse before it gets better. That’s particularly true for energy in general, so you shouldn’t really be surprised if your next bill is a tad higher than you were expecting.

But what if your latest few bills have increased so much, suggesting you’ve consumed more energy that there might just be another cause?

Beyond inflation, higher electricity bills should only occur in a really noticeable way if your lifestyle and energy use habits have changed. But what if the only thing that has changed is your high electricity bill problem?

Why is my electric bill so high?

The people who know the answer to that question, including electricity retailers, are experienced electricians near you and the actual utility providers. So we’ve put our heads together and come up with the definitive list to answer your most pressing question: Why are my energy bills so high?

1. You’ve simply used more power

First, let’s start with the obvious – maybe you haven’t entirely realised just how much energy your electricity usage has increased. Apart from that, you might be coming unstuck because you’re not fully understanding:

  • Your current tariff
  • Past discounts that may have expired
  • Fees for paying bills late

2. The bill is wrong

It’s rare, but it certainly happens. So when you get your next bill, make sure the meter reading on the bill actually lines up with what the meter says in real life.

3. The weather has changed

These days, winter seems to last forever. And on the flip side of that coin, the summers always seem to get hotter and stickier.

So don’t forget that heating and cooling accounts for about 40-45% of your energy bill, so you may have been using more heating or cooling than usual and didn’t really realise how this could impact your efforts to save money on energy bills.

You also can’t forget that your solar power system won’t be as effective when the weather is cold and dull, so maybe that’s caught you out.

4. More people have been at home

How have things changed at home? Have your kids suddenly sprung into electricity-sapping teenagers; have you had visitors; have you been at home more often?

A bit of extra heating or cooling, some increased use of appliances like a clothes dryer and a few extra showers here and there really can add up, resulting in an unexpectedly high energy bill.

5. You’ve moved house

Just because your family is the same and your day-to-day lifestyle is the same doesn’t mean the electricity bill will be exactly the same once you’ve moved house.

Different air conditioning, a different hot water system, and a less energy-efficient home in terms of lighting solutions and insulation can all translate into a high electricity bill.

6. You’ve done renovations

It can be difficult to compare higher electricity bills with lower ones for a straightforward reason: our memories are short.

It can be quite a while number of days between billing period, so perhaps you’ve forgotten that all those heavy-duty power tools from your recent kitchen renovation significantly increased your energy usage.

7. You’re looking at an estimated bill

Sometimes, if, for whatever reason, a meter reader has been unable to get to your meter, your provider may have given you an estimated bill instead. Once the next reading takes place, it should all come out in the wash, but it can certainly result in a significant difference from your previous bill.

We can look into your high electric bills.

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