Did you know running an air conditioner simply to cool your home in summer and warm your family up on those chilly days can cost you $1000 a year – or even more? As electricity prices, energy inflation, and the overall cost of living soar this year, experts warn that you should buckle up for more pain in the foreseeable future. But here’s the good news. Simply by following the tips recommended by the most knowledgeable air conditioning service, you could be counting the air conditioning cost savings in the literal hundreds of dollars per year – or more!

Pro tips for reducing the costs of air conditioning unit

It really is possible to keep your home comfortably cool in summer and nice and warm in winter without having to cope with a sky-high electricity bill. Here’s how:

1. Upgrade your air conditioner

Is your air conditioner older than your sassy teenager? If so, throwing it in the bin and replacing it with a shiny energy-efficient new one could be cheaper. You’ll have to fork out for the new system, but you could save up to $200 a year on the running energy costs. Way before the warranty is out, you could therefore have extra money in your pocket.

2. Throw out the portable unit

If you’ve already saved a few dollars by using a portable air conditioner over a fully-ducted unit or a split system, think again. The running costs of different types of air conditioners vary greatly. Running cheaper air conditioners isn’t just very effective for cooling your home; it can cost more than $200 a year extra to run compared to a full-on permanent system.

3. Watch your temperature

On a super-hot day, are you cranking the thermostat down to the minimum temperature – usually about 16°C? Don’t forget, a good system really will make your room as cool as the number you select – so when it’s 40°C outside, surely you don’t need it to be any colder than 24°C in the kitchen?

4. Use the zone settings

Does your air conditioner feature zoning settings? You could be counting the savings in the hundreds upon hundreds of dollars each year if you cool down or heat up individual rooms when necessary rather than the entire house. Understanding your air conditioner settings will help save money!

5. Don’t forget your ceiling fans

Did you know that running a ceiling fan can cost little more than $1 for an entire Aussie summer? The next time it’s no more than, let’s say, 27-30°C, why not crank those fans up and see if a stiff breeze is sufficient – because it would save you hundreds of dollars a year.

6. Switch off one hour early

Every summer morning and night, take note of the times when you typically turn on your air conditioner and then turn it off at the end. Simply by turning on 30 minutes later than usual and switching off 30 minutes earlier than you might otherwise have done, the average saving per year is $100.

7. Get your air conditioner serviced/repaired

When was the last time you got your air conditioner professionally serviced? By getting those filters properly cleaned and every aspect of your system thoroughly checked, repaired and fine-tuned, you’ll be running your most power-hungry appliance as cheaply as possible.

We’ll help keep the cost of air conditioning low

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