Are you worried about power surges or power spikes? You should be! It’s one of the most dangerous electrical hazards you’ll ever face at home, and as the name suggests, it’s when your electrical system is suddenly subjected to a major power spike. It can cause overload, damage your electronic devices, and even trigger a shock or fire. But luckily, a power surge protector is real.

What causes a power surge?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons why an electrical surge can happen at your place. Maybe you’re lucky, and lightning has struck your place in a storm. Or maybe a simple power interruption or wiring fault is instantly followed by a surge and devastating short. From 1 tiny volt to thousands of potentially fatal ones, the biggest risk of a power surge isn’t death or electrical fire – it’s the total destruction of anything electrical that isĀ plugged in.

The answer? Surge protector.

What is surge protection?

In a nutshell, an electrical surge protector is any device that protects your power strip system and appliances against excess voltage spikes. Once the protector detects a certain spike, the device simply blocks it or shorts it to ground voltage – and your home, family and expensive appliances are devices will be safe.

How does surge protection work?

The precise surge protection product, products or system that you require depends on a few things:

  • What you’re protecting: Power strip surge protectors are rated for joules, so it’s really just a matter of deciding how much to spend – which usually depends on how many thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment you’re looking to protect.
  • How many outlet surge protector strips you’re protecting: Your surge protection solution will need to handle the amount of devices you’re defending.
  • Where you’re installing it: It doesn’t really matter where, but consider good surge protectors – and their location – with LED or audible alarms or auto, cut-off features so you know if the protection has been compromised.

As for the sorts of advanced features you might be looking for, consider:

1. 3-line protection

The best surge protector protects all 3 wiring lines – hot, neutral and ground.

2. Data line protection

Your most expensive equipment is likely to be computer and network-related, so bear in mind that surges can also travel along Ethernet cables.

3. Hospital-grade protection

The ‘Gold Standard’ of surge protection is hospital-grade – because of all that life-saving equipment that simply can’t afford to go ‘pop’. The anti-shock features will also be the best.

4. Individual control

Some of the best surge protectors will also give you the ability to switch off the power to individual devices without affecting the other connected devices that you’ve got hooked up to your system.

5. Portability

Consider how portable your surge protectors are, so you can take your peace of mind wherever you go.

6. Weather resistance

Because some of your expensive techs are outdoors, look out for specific moisture, water and dust resistance.

Get your surge protection system up and running

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