It may be among the most indispensable keys to our comfortable, convenient, enjoyable and productive lives – but that doesn’t make electricity any less dangerous. Sure, it powers our lights and appliances, but electrical hazards also endanger our bodies – because our bodies produce their own electrical signals so that we can live and function. Electrical safety hazards at home can lead to:

  • Burns
  • Electrical Shock
  • Electrocution
  • Falls
  • Fires
  • Heart failure & more.

What are electrical hazards at home?

So stop for a moment and consider this: examples of electrical hazards are quite literally surrounding you at home at every moment. Ignoring them or refusing to address the signs of trouble before those hazards go ‘zap’, can put your body, family and home at the most extreme risk.

We’ve put our heads together to compile the ultimate list of common electrical hazards examples that you really need to be aware of:

1. Bad wiring

While a fully-licensed electrician is unlikely to have fudged your home’s electrical wiring, all too many people try illegal wiring DIY. The result can be a heightened risk of power surges, arc faults and house fires, while it’s also important to recognise that damaged or poor wiring can pose the same electrical safety hazards.

  • WHAT TO DO: Can you see cracked wire insulation? Frayed cords? Loose connections? Faulty appliances? Pinched wires? Signs of overheating?

2. Light bulbs

They may seem harmless enough, but just try to touch one as soon as you flick off the switch. On second thought, you’re likely to get a nasty burn if you try to do that, so bear in mind how easily that heat can translate into a blaze.

  • WHAT TO DO: Check the condition of the area around light bulbs, as well as ensure that nearby plastics, fabrics and other flammable materials are not within touching distance.

3. Overloaded outlets

Extension leads, double adapters and power boards may be very handy, but there’s a limit. Overloading those electrical outlets can ramp up the likelihood of fire exponentially.

  • WHAT TO DO: Check out your outlets’ maximum power rating and do not exceed it. Use extension leads for easy convenience rather than a permanent solution.

4. Water

You don’t need to be told that electricity never mixes with water! Even so, electricity flows all around you in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and other notably ‘wet’ spaces at home, so paying special attention to something this high on the list of most dangerous electrical hazards is crucial.

  • WHAT TO DO: Never use any electrical device with wet hands or running water. If an electrical fire breaks out, NEVER put it out with water, as you could be electrocuted. Do you have an appropriate fire extinguisher at home for electrical fires?

5. Electrical cords

It’s obviously tempting to cover those unsightly electrical cords and wires for aesthetic reasons – such as strategically using a rug. But don’t forget that covering electrical systems can overheat them and cause a devastating electrical fire.

  • WHAT TO DO: As well as never covering electrical hazards up, go one step further and space out those wires, cords and appliances as much as possible to ensure good ventilation.

6. Children & pets

When we see a live electrical wire or outlet, the last thing we’ll want to do is poke our fingers at and into it. The same cannot be said of our precious little children, whose unmonitored behaviour can put them and everyone else at home at risk of exposure to the most extreme examples of electrical hazards.

  • WHAT TO DO: Cover unused power points with plastic covers – and always keep an eagle eye on your kids (and pets)!

Worried about electrical hazards at home?

Are you worried about all of these electrical safety hazards at home – and wondering if your place is up to scratch? Your Electrical Expert and our team of experienced, fully licensed Brisbane electricians and Gold Coast electrical specialists have eagle eyes for electrical hazards examples of every single kind. So if you’re worried about electrical hazards at home or think you might have spotted a problem, get in touch with Your Electrical Expert for fast same-day service, upfront pricing and our famous lifetime workmanship guarantee.