Are you looking for one of the easiest & most affordable ways to bring your home or premises well into the 21st century? We think USB power points are the must-have upgrade for your traditional general power outlets in the most convenient, comfortable and tech-savvy homes and businesses. Have you thought about installing power points with USB ports?

What is a USB power point, anyway?

It always fascinates us that more Queenslanders have no idea that power points with USB ports are even a thing! That is despite the fact that we don’t just use USB to connect to computers, but also to draw power for powering and charging a huge and growing number of electrical devices.

  • Phones/tablets
  • Laptops
  • Mice/keyboards
  • Cameras
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Game consoles
  • Wearables
  • Bike lights/flashlights & more.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology is now the industry standard for all sorts of communication, data, peripheral and power supply needs – so just imagine having one in the wall ready to plug into at your leisure in every room!

Need more reasons to install powerpoints with USB charging ports Australia wide? How about:

1. Supercharged charging options

We use a lot of USB adapters to charge a lot of phones, tablets and other devices. Plug in directly and leave those traditional outlets free, especially in the most USB-hungry rooms like bedrooms and gaming rooms.

2. Reduced risk of overload

Simply by giving yourself an option of plugging into a conventional socket for conventional plugs and a USB power point for USB devices, you decrease your risk of overloading your outlets and overall electrical system with all those chargers, appliances and adapters thus reducing the risk of electrical fires.

3. Faster charging

Did you know that devices plugged directly into a USB rather than via an adapter means you’re using that electrical energy more efficiently? That means more voltage/current is heading straight into your device rather than lost via a wall charger, meaning faster charging and smaller bills.

4. More options

USB is now an extremely efficient and widespread way for electrical manufacturers to provide power options for your accessories – so why wouldn’t you want to quickly adapt to those new times? Free up your traditional powerpoint outlets and stop powering-up a USB-capable device like laptops solely to charge or power your favourite accessories.

5. Easy installation

Did you know making the switch from a standard single or double powerpoint to a power point with USB could hardly be simpler, easier or more affordable? It will be your friendly local electrician’s easiest job of the day, so they won’t mind at all if you enquire about USB power points.

Powerpoints with USB ports are our speciality!

Are you tempted to look into whether installing USB power points is right for your home, premises and budget? Your Electrical Expert considers installing power points especially the ones with USB as one of our favourite daily tasks, which is why we’ll package the most competitive price with commitment to fast same-day service, easy upfront pricing and our 100% lifetime workmanship guarantee. Need a USB power point? Call Your Electrical Expert today and we’ll fix you up in a flash.