The current range of LG air conditioners Australia-wide keeps turning heads, no matter who you ask. Consumers are enticed by innovation, cool features and value for money, while the typical LG air conditioner review – whether it’s Choice, Canstar Blue or Finder – raves about R&D, reliability and overall performance. So whether it’s a sleek LG split system air conditioner you’re after, or you’ve been convinced by LG ducted aircon reviews or another air conditioner technology type, Your Electrical Expert can get your LG aircon up and running before you can say ‘cool breeze’.

Why do we love LG air conditioners?

From Samsung to Hyundai and beyond, it’s clear that South Korean innovation is here to stay. LG, with the L standing for ‘Lucky’ and toothpaste among the first Lucky Chemicals products, is another South Korean giant-killer that itself became a giant – and that’s especially true in the area of LG air conditioners.

For our exclusive LG air conditioner review, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the features that impress us the most:

1. Smart inverters

If you’re here for an LG split system air conditioner, you’re going to love that ‘smart inverter’ tech. Without getting too technical, it means they are whisper quiet even when operating at the higher end of the capacity. The key is in the outdoor unit, with the clever design cutting out torque vibration by 40% – but designers also managed to cut out most of the noise of the refrigerant transfer, too. From just a few kilowatts to powerful 9kW and beyond, your LG air con comes with a huge 10-year compressor parts warranty.

2. WiFi control

Speaking of ‘smart’, most LG air conditioner reviews can’t help but to mention that you can even turn on and fully operate your new LG air con from your very own smartphone – no matter where you are on earth! Whether it’s a slim ducted model, a massive High Static 20kW unit or something in between, you can also make use of your Google Assistant by pairing your new system with the LG WiFi dongle module – or perhaps your unit’s WiFi is built-in. Then, you can fully control the AC, monitor problems and filter condition, and even integrate your other compatible systems including lights and entertainment appliances.

3. Efficiency

Have you heard of SEER? Based on Australian Standard AS/NZS 3823.4:2014, it’s a standardised way for air conditioner manufacturers to test and calculate full-season performance of their products. In other words, how much output do you get over a typical cooling season divided by Watt-Hours energy usage? On the SEER standard, your LG air conditioner typically comes out at a ‘high efficiency’ rating, thanks to:

  • Twin rotary compressors
  • Enhanced heat exchangers
  • Smart load control
  • Peak current control.

Mind the techie speak, but the direct current motor is not only brushless but features a neodymium magnetic core – which basically means a modern LG aircon is very good at controlling operating speed for the required load. The innovative wide fins, meanwhile, boost reverse cycle full-load heating performance by 11%, while LG air conditioning installers like Your Electrical Expert absolutely love the on-board wiring error check function for a fast, error-free installation.

We install LG air conditioners Brisbane wide

When would you like your new LG air conditioner installed? Fix your place up with a new split system, whole-house ducted setup, or even an interconnected multi-split or commercial air conditioning system for your home or space. And here at Your Electrical Expert, we can get it done for you in a flash!

No matter your preferred brand, AC technology type, space, lifestyle or budget, our air conditioning team can help. Your Electrical Expert supplies, installs, repairs and services the full range of Australian market air conditioning systems including all of LG’s top models, and we do it all over the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond. So whether you’ve just moved in, it’s time for an upgrade or your old air con went bang, give Your Electrical Expert a call today.

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