Of all the potential problems you might be facing at home, there’s nothing more serious than common electrical problems. Never forget a little ‘buzz’ here and there, a little hotspot, flickering lights, weird burning smells, fuses that keep tripping – all of them little electrical problems that are easily ignored but could be fatal.

But even if little problems with electricity at your place don’t turn out to be fatal, they’re still incredibly frustrating – and can mean power losses, damaged equipment and an unacceptable exposure to electrical hazards.

Well, Your Electrical Expert could hardly have amassed more hands-on experience of almost every electrical systems problem across Brisbane, Gold Coast and far beyond – so we thought it was timely to give you a heads-up about the most common problems to watch out for.

Here, we present our Top 10 most common Problems With Electricity across the entire Brisbane & Gold Coast region – and we’d love to help you with a swift & affordable solution, too!

1. Circuit overload

If you demand too much from a circuit – like plugging too much demand on the circuit – like plugging in numerous power-sapping appliances or energy-consuming light bulbs and extension cords – it will cry ‘enough!’ – and overload. With a bit of luck, the circuit breaker, a critical component of your electrical system, will do its job and encounter circuit breaker trips. Still, you could damage your electrical appliances and technologies in the worst possible case. At the same time, even a single spark or two can cause electrical issues of the ultimate kind – electrical fire.

2. Flickering lights

It might not seem like an electrical problem that deserves billing at #2, but let’s not beat around the bush. Those flickering light fixtures could be a polite signal that you’re dealing with loose connections, faulty electrical wiring and even high-voltage surges.

If your place is a little older, the wiring could be damaged and require a switchboard upgrade, but at the very least, please ask Your Electrical Expert about a timely inspection.

3. Tripped safety switches

These days, electrical shocks at home are pretty rare because of ground fault circuit interrupters – otherwise known as electrical safety switches.

When they sense any power surges or electrical fluctuations, the circuit will be tripped, and the power will be cut – but you won’t necessarily know if it was a loose connection, bad wiring or a dodgy appliance.

4. Electrical surges

We’re getting serious – because frequent surges can fry your electrical devices and gadgets and cause a fire in electrical circumstances.

Essentially, an electrical surge is when the electricity suddenly experiences sags and dips at its standard speed. Still, the cause can be damaged power lines, faulty wiring, poorly installed appliances, or live wires somehow coming into contact with something metal.

5. Powerpoints/switches not working

When you plug something in or switch something on, it’s pretty worrying when nothing happens – but with a little luck, it will just be a faulty fitting or loose wire.

Occasionally, and especially if an intermittent issue in your electrical system, your power points or light switches is characterised by buzzing and zapping, the outcome can be very serious for us humans. We hope you can see that even apparently minor electrical issues are a big deal.

Electrical problems? We can help!

When you care about your home, equipment and family, you need professional support that is hands-on, experienced, fully licenced, affordable and customer-obsessed.

Your Electrical Expert ticks every one of those boxes, so if something’s not right, or it’s buzzing, zapping, smoking or mysteriously gone dead, don’t hesitate for a moment to call a licensed electrician to call a professional electrician with the best in local electrical services – because it’s a call that could save you a lot more than a few dollars!

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