Did you know your electric switchboard is the brains of your home’s entire electrical system? Flick open that familiar meter box door, and you’ll find the main safety switches, every fuse and circuit breakers, critical electrical safety components like RCDs arc fault detectors – and more. Also possible is that you’ll open that box and wonder if it’s time for a switchboard upgrade.

Electric switchboard seen better days?

Whether you call it a fuse box, meter box, breaker box, switchboard or something else entirely, the only really important thing is that it reliably keeps the lights on at your place – and protects your family and assets, too. But are you starting to get a sneaky feeling that an electrical switchboard upgrade might be a good idea? Those lights might be flickering, and those electrical circuits may keep tripping, but there are actually more signs than that to look out for before calling your local electrician in Brisbane or Gold Coast:

1. The board looks overloaded

If you’ve been at your place for a while, you may already know that additions to your switchboard have left it looking quite cluttered. But if you’re new to your home, a switchboard that looks full and is crowded or messy with a spaghetti-like mix of cables is an early warning sign that an upgrade is a good idea before it all gets too much for the system to handle.

2. The lights are flickering

Once that switchboard is under severe pressure, or something is going wrong, the first clear sign of trouble is straight out of a horror movie – flickering lights!

3. The circuits keep tripping

Particularly if you know or suspect that your existing switchboard is decades old already, bear this in mind: when it was installed, computers, 75″ TVs, power tools and sophisticated gaming rigs weren’t really a thing. If your board keeps saying ‘enough’ and tripping a circuit, consider it a polite request for an electric switchboard upgrade.

4. The fuses are melted

Does your switchboard still feature those old-fashioned fuses – and do they keep melting? If so, your electrical system simply can’t keep up with modern life, and the time may soon be approaching when the fuses completely fail to protect your devices, home and fragile human bodies any longer.

5. You smell electrical burning

Do you know that familiar electrical burning smell? That’s the sound of electrical overheating – and the beginning of the melting and charring of wires and other electrical components. Make sure your next problem is not an electrical fire – by calling your friendly local electrician.

6. It’s made of asbestos

Did you know that electric switchboards once featured asbestos? Actually, it was still common practice until just 20 years ago – before the full horrors of this material were fully understood. We know this cheap, strong, flexible material – ideal for electrical insulation – is extremely dangerous for humans. Protect the human beings who matter to you by getting an immediate switchboard upgrade.

Brisbane and Gold Coast’s most affordable meter box upgrade

Are you actually hearing buzzing, zapping, and visible sparking from your electric switchboard? Your need for an upgrade has actually become an electrical emergency – so you’re definitely going to need the fastest Brisbane & Gold Coast electricians to speed to your place straight away.

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