Did you know there’s a difference between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans? Sure, both are an inexpensive way to circulate the air for a soothing breeze, but outdoor or Alfresco ceiling fans are specifically designed and manufactured to deal with more exposure to the elements for your patio, porch, veranda, gazebo or other outdoor space. Better still, these days, they’re made in the best size, style, colour and shape you like, combined with stronger and better materials and coatings that can cope with the wind, rain, mist and extremes of cold and heat.

Not yet convinced that an outdoor ceiling fan is for you? This may change your mind:

1. They’re sturdier

Alfresco fans are specially designed to be able to cope with the specific demands of an outdoor space that is more exposed to the harshness of the weather. That especially includes moisture, dampness and humidity, and some outdoor ceiling fans Brisbane-wide are rated for full-on rain – without worrying about corrosion or electrical issues.

2. They repel bugs

The number 1 complaint people have about their outdoor space is that the bugs and mosquitoes become too much at a certain time each day. With special fans for outside spaces, the cooling effect and the way the air is circulated with either downward or upward pressure simply make zipping around much more difficult for those flying insects.

3. Outdoor air conditioning

Installing an air conditioner for your outdoor space makes no sense whatsoever. But even in outdoor spaces, the way an outdoor ceiling fan work is truly effective for a wind-chill effect. In a counterclockwise direction, cool air is pushed downwards – and when clockwise, the updraft recirculates the warmer air downwards.

4. Enhance your patio

When it gets really hot, you’re less likely to use your patio – even though you wait all year for those lovely warmer months! With an outdoor ceiling fan, you can make spending time outside just that little bit cooler and breezier.

Additionally, we’ve installed Gold Coast outdoor ceiling fans wide and beyond in more styles, materials, and colours than you could imagine – including the most modern and contemporary ones! Adding a little more beauty and appeal to your outdoor space is easy with the latest range of alfresco outdoor ceiling fans.

5. Brighten things up

Did you know the best outside fans are able to be bundled with lighting features too? Better still, you can customise the kind and intensity of the light as well to create the outdoor atmosphere of your choosing.

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