Are you struggling to research how to wire a light switch in Australia? The answer to that is simple and for a fundamental reason: because you’re not allowed to. Even if you’re an experienced, handy and enthusiastic do-it-yourself-er, electrical work like that all across our country is strictly forbidden for anything other than a fully licensed sparkie.

But before you say “boo!”, it’s important to understand the motivation behind those laws – namely, that light switch wiring is one of easiest ways imaginable for something tiny to go wrong that could cost you or your family their lives. And even if you do get away with it, you may just have voided your home insurance by playing electrician for a day. So, believe us: wiring a light switch the DIY way is always a bad idea, no matter how you look at it. Instead, call an electrician to take care of your home lighting solutions.

With that all said, we understand all too well that some of you are simply the kind of people who love to know how things work – and how things are done. So let’s start, here’s how to wire a light switch:

How To Wire Your Light Switch


1. Turn off the power

It’s an essential precaution when doing just about all electrical work. The power is turned off at the meter box.

2. Open the switch cover

It’s simple to open with a screwdriver or other basic tool. But before proceeding, test for current flow so you know you’re not about to get a ‘zap’.

3. Remove the switch

Knowing that no live electricity is present, detach the switch from the wires. Do you see any faults or damage? If not, proceed.

4. Check the end-wires

This is necessary so you know the end wires that are already exposed are long enough for the new switch. If not, you’ll need to strip the insulation as necessary.

5. Connect the wires

It’s time to connect the wires to the new switch. Make sure you understand the difference between Australia’s old wiring colour standards and the latest standards, ensure everything is matched up correctly, and lock it all together with the screws.

6. Secure the connection

In the case of exposed wires, make sure they are secured with a simple twist-on wire nut.

7. Mount the switch

Push the switch into the box cautiously and line everything up with the screw holes. Tighten the plate against the wall and re-attach the cover.

8. Turn the power back on

Go back over steps 1-7, and if everything was done correctly, turn the power back on.

Types Of Light Switches


You have several options when installing or replacing light switches in your home, depending on your needs. The most common and basic switch is a single-pole light switch. This standard light switch has two terminals and controls a light fixture from a single location. For electrical wiring, it requires a neutral and hot wire. A double-pole light switch has four terminals and controls light from two different locations. This two-way light switch allows you to turn the light on or off from one location to another.

Dimmer switches provide control over the brightness of the light. A dimmer switch allows you to adjust the light output rather than just having on/off functionality. Rotary and slider dimmer switches are the most common types for home use. Smart light switches can be controlled wirelessly and provide advanced features like setting schedules, automation, and remotely controlling your lights from an app.

The type of light switch determines the necessary electrical wiring and connections. Light switch plates come in a variety of styles and finishes to match your home’s décor.

Wiring A Light Switch Is Easy When You Call Us!

So now that you know how to wire up a light switch, don’t forget: NEVER TRY TO DO IT! Only fully licensed electricians have the skills, the licensing, the right equipment and insurance, and the ability to certify the finished job – like the true pros at Your Electrical Expert! Drop us a message today for fast, same-day electrical services with a friendly smile every time.

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