You probably don’t need to hear it, but it’s a bad idea to save a few bucks by doing your own DIY electrical work at home.

First, in Queensland and other Australian jurisdictions, fiddling with your wiring rather than leaving it to a fully licenced electrician is illegal. Sure, you can change a lightbulb or cut a hole for your new air conditioner, but stay away from that actual wiring or risk penalties, insurance breach, electrical fire – and a potentially fatal ‘zap’!

Still not deterred? Still, fancy your chances of flying under the authorities’ radar rather than deciding to hire an electrician to install that power point or light switch. Well, then, how about a few more compelling reasons to only ever put your faith in a certified electrician with an up-to-date electric license:

1. Quality

Think your DIY skills can go toe-to-toe with the safe, quality work that expert local electricians should be able to guarantee. That’s a big call. How much do you know about all the electrical compliance requirements and mandatory electrical safety specifications? How confident are you that the supply authority won’t pay you a visit to verify your work?

2. Materials

You probably plan to just pop down to the hardware or electrical retail supplier, but only a licenced electrician will be able to access the best materials and components at the lowest reputable wholesale prices. Are you sure your materials will meet all Australian and Queensland standards?

3. Peace of mind

Sure, it’s your home. Your investment. Your money. We’re sure you’re confident about putting it in the hands of an unlicensed, uninsured, amateur electrician. We’re sure you think you won’t be inspected, investigated and prosecuted for unlicensed electrical work. We’re sure you don’t need the latest training modules to ensure your home and your family’s safety. We’re sure you think you’ll sleep fine at night when you think your home insurer may not pay you out if an electrical fire breaks out.

But are you really, really sure?

4. Experience

These days, you can figure out how to do an awful lot of things from the internet. Everyone has a “mate” who can save you a few dollars with unlicensed electrical work. But will they know what to do when something unexpected happens while working? Will they have exactly the right skills and specialist equipment to avert disaster – just as they’ve done dozens of times before? Will they understand what probably just happened when that circuit unexpectedly trips?

Try Your Electrical Expert for true peace of mind.

Did you know you can do an online electrical license search in Queensland to ensure the electrician you intend to use is legitimate, and their credentials are up to date?

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