When you turn on your air conditioner, you expect it to cool or warm the air – not drip water everywhere. And while a small amount of water dripping from air conditioner technology is normal, like an ice-cool drink left out on a warm day, any significant amount of air conditioner leaking is definitely cause for concern.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few reasons why this may be happening – and the even worse news is that most of those reasons are going to require a phone call to your local electrical or air conditioner expert.

Water leaking from air conditioner?

If the drips you’re noticing are out of the ordinary, don’t take a single risk and switch off your air conditioner immediately. Now … what’s gone wrong?:

1. It’s cold outside

With a bit of luck, the only real problem is that the mercury has really dropped outside. When this happens, moisture on the air conditioner coils may accumulate and then start to freeze – and then the drips will start once it starts to thaw.

  • SOLUTION: Switch the unit off and try again when the air warms up a little.

2. The air filter is clogged

Don’t forget, air needs to be able to flow through the coils – but if the air filter gets all clogged up, a similar phenomenon as outlined in #1 may occur.

  • SOLUTION: Check the air filter

3. The condensation pump has failed

Some air conditioner technologies feature a condensation pump, whose job is to get accumulating water away from trouble. If it fails, the moisture will build up and eventually start to leak.

  • SOLUTION: You’ll need a repair or pump replacement

4. Your system was badly installed

A phenomenon of negative pressure is common with some air conditioner units, which can draw moisture into the drip pan when it happens. To combat this, a vent line and P-trap should have been properly installed – but some installers cut corners.

  • SOLUTION: Get your installation checked

5. A drain hole is clogged

Drain lines, exiting via a drain hole, are critical for the efficient operating of air conditioners. A lack of maintenance, however, can leave either the line or – more commonly – the hole completely blocked, and eventually, the water needs to find another way to escape. Another explanation is that the drain line itself has somehow become disconnected.

  • SOLUTION: Get your air conditioner serviced

6. Air is leaking

If your unit’s ductwork either wasn’t properly sealed and insulated, or it’s degraded over time, damp air can be drawn in and mixed with the cool air in the ducts – and create condensation that will drip, drip drip.

  • SOLUTION: Check your system’s ductwork

7. Refrigerant levels are low

While low refrigerant levels are less rare with home air conditioner units than with the system in your car, it can still happen. If it does, the coils can freeze – and will eventually thaw and drip.

  • SOLUTION: Do you have a refrigerant leak?

Air conditioner dripping water? We can help!

With a bit of luck, the cause of your leaking air conditioner will not be serious – and you may even be able to figure out how to stop it yourself. But even if something a little more complicated has happened, there’s still no need to stress – because Your Electrical Expert should be able to put it right with same-day service. From Albany Creek, Ferny Hills, and Carseldine in Brisbane to Burleigh Heads, Elanora, and Broadbeach Waters on Gold Coast, we can send you an expert local electrician to help with your air conditioning, electrical emergencies and more!

Get in touch now for fast, affordable electrical assistance of every type and scale – with a free smile thrown in every single time!